- Timber Industry Strategy released

- Greenpages Australia launched
- Risk Management Booklet
- Climate Change Green Paper
- Code of Practice Compliance
- AFG Policy Forum

Greenpages Australia is now an established industry organisation.  It provides stakeholders with a state-wide forum to act collaboratively on all issues related to treegrowing. It facilitates the expansion and development of tree growing and carbon sequestration and the associated forestry industry in Victoria. It has a focus on issues related to growing trees on private land and the industry supplied by that resource, and on associated biodiversity and on farm benefits.
Greenpages Australia works closely with government agencies and other forestry organisations, such as the Victorian Association of Forest Industries VAFI and with the local government organisation Timber Towns Victoria.
Forestry is the only carbon-negative industry in Australia...
3 Timber Industry Regional studies
See Central Victorian report 2013
See VAFI WebsiteTree Victoria and Victoria Gardens.