About TreesVic
Greenpages Australia is an incorporated association, with the broad aim of providing stakeholders with a state-wide forum to act collaboratively on issues related to growing trees and to facilitate the expansion and development of tree growing and carbon sequestration and the associated timber industry in Victoria. It has a focus on the issues related to growing trees on private land and the industry associated with that resource and its management. Click here to see the Objectives of Greenpages Australia.

Greenpages Australia began in 2009. It was formed with the support of the Victorian Private Forestry Development Committees: Gippsland Private Forestry, Plantations North East, Central Victorian Farm Plantations, and Green Triangle Regional Plantation Committee. In 2010, Greenpages Australia amalgamated with Gippsland Private Forestry. Greenpages Australia represents the views of stakeholders across the state engaged in the growing, managing, harvesting, transport, and regional processing and export of logs grown on private land across Victoria. Greenpages Australia also represents the views of those with an interest in growing fibre for other non wood uses, including carbon sequestration and the production of renewable bioenergy, and on farm and biodiversity benefits.

Membership of Greenpages Australia is freely available to representatives of businesses or organisations involved in the private forestry industry (contact us for further information about membership). A list of Greenpages Australia members can be seen here.

Greenpages Australia is served by a Management Committee, and is assisted by an Executive Officer.