Risk Management Report
Compliance with the Code of Practice

Greenpages Australia, in conjunction with the Department of Primary Industries (DPI), identified as a priority project the need to undertake a study of the possible mechanisms for assessing compliance with the Code of Practice for Timber Production on private land.

This issue was identified under Action 9.2 in the draft Victorian Timber Industry Strategy (DPI 2009, p. 34).  In response, DPI identified the following action: "We will facilitate the development of training to accredit individuals to undertake uniform and standardised assessments of compliance with the Code of Practice for Timber Production."

In acknowledging the responsibility of local government for ensuring compliance with the Code on private land by the forest owner or some other designated person, DPI contracted Greenpages Australia to undertake a study to:

  1. present a practical pathway for implementing the above action through the TAFE system or some other Recognised Training Organisation, which can be recognised by the Victorian Government as meeting the requirements of the Code;
  2. identify relevant organisations that would need to be consulted in implementing the proposed action, including, but not limited to Skills Victoria and ForestWorks; and
  3. consider what mechanism (if any) would be required to have the role of accredited people recognised within the Victoria Planning Provisions ('VPP') and/or the Code, given that the Code is an incorporated document of the VPP.

The results from the study will inform the development of policy related to assessment of compliance with the Code on private land.

A copy of this report can be made available on request