Greenpages Australia has completed projects and made submissions to government on many issues:

Forest Industry Regional Reports 2012 and 2013

Greenpages Australia prepared reports into the Gippsland and North East regions in 2012 and they can be accessed via the VAFI website. See

These reports show the challenges and the opportunities for the industry in the face of import competition and low levels of domestic construction.  The industry is in a phase of consolidation and cost control.

Greenpages Australia was funded by the Department of Primary Industries (now Department of Environment and Primary Industries) to undertake a third regional study into the forestry industry in Central Victoria (Geelong, Colac, Ballarat and nearby areas).  This report was completed in June. See the report here

TIRES report 2011

Timber Towns Victoria engaged Cailum Pty Ltd and Greenpages Australia to update the TIRES reports into the costs and benefits of the use of local roads by the timber industry. The key conclusion was that the local road network needed an injection of nearly $100m over four years to ensure all users benefit from the transport of logs from harvested areas for processing. The report was released by the Minister for Roads The Hon Terry Mulder in April 2011. the report can be accessed here

Code of Practice Compliance reports 2009 Victorian Timber Industry Strategy (TIS) highlighted the need to streamline the implementation of the Forestry Code of Practice for plantations on private land. Subsequently, DPI has acted to implement this action and engaged Greenpages Australia to prepare reports in 2009, 2010 and 2011 to research these issues with stakeholders.  One action was to facilitate the development of training to accredit individuals to undertake uniform and standardized assessments of compliance with the Code of Practice for Timber Production”, and commissioned Greenpages Australia to undertake a scoping study on this topic. More details about this project can be obtained here.